Welcome to the Dynamic Gann Levels Calculator ("DGLC")!

DGLC is an extraordinarily simple, yet fast and powerful utility program designed for the users of Don Fisher's Dynamic Gann Levels, which projects support and resistance levels into the future.

Using DGLC is as simple as entering three price values, selecting the corresponding dates to reflect when the price values occurred and then selecting or entering a date of projection - DGLC automatically and instantly calculates and displays the DGLs and the Level 2 Channel Values!  Level Values indicating resistance are shown in Blue; conversely, level values indicating support are shown in Red.


This version of DGLC is the free version and precursor to the much more comprehensive DGL Confluence Calculator ("DGLCC") application due for release in early DGLCC capabilities include the analysis of up to five different time frames of DGLs as well as a confluence page for displaying the confluence of different time frames calculated from a user set variable.  Fully configurable, DGLCC users may include or exclude weekends and/or holidays; use decimal or fractional data entry; save and retrieve files for future use and print all data used in each analysis.


More information about the DGL Confluence Calculator application may be obtained by visiting our website at:




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