DGLC uses Microsoft's MSI technology to manage installations - thus far it has been flawless as compared to the problems encountered using the older Setup.exe system. What's unique about MSI is that it allows us to install multiple versions of supporting files side by side without affecting other applications. What this means to you is that when DGLC is installed it will not have any adverse affect on other applications you have already installed.

When you download the most recent version of DGLC and unzip it, it will have an MSI extension. Simply double-clicking the file will launch the installer - if this fails then you will need to update your version of Windows - this is most easily done by visiting Microsoft's website and downloading any needed updates - in the long run you will benefit from this through more stable operation of your computer.


At each step of the installation you are provided with various options for configuring the installation; we urge you to accept the default settings - this will allow you to install future updates without encountering any difficulties.


Lastly, if you are a Windows NT, 2K or XP user and use NTFS partitions, please be certain that you have full Administrative rights on the PC you are installing it to.

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