Before working with DGLC, itís important that you review the help files, familiarize yourself with the Graphical User Interface ("GUI") and understand the underlying concepts of Dynamic Gann Levels. 

This help system assumes that you are familiar with basic Windows operations such as clicking buttons, entering data and navigating Explorer style directories. DGLC closely follows all Windows standard operating conventions to minimize the time spent learning the program as well as to make your DGLC experience as trouble free as possible. 

Lastly, take a moment to check back at our website periodically for program updates and additional information as it becomes available.  


DISCLAIMER: This program is believed to be wholly accurate and every precaution has been taken to insure such. The values represented in this program are not to be taken as an indication to Buy or Sell in any market - they are presented as a learning tool only. 


All users of the DGLC program acknowledge and agree that they are solely responsible for their use of the program, interpretation of the results and any subsequent action taken based on those results.  

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